What are the contact details?

Queries are by email: info@coolcatsfun.com.au or by phone on

0413 772 771. 


Do the kids need to wear socks?

Yes. Socks can be purchased for $3 per pair or bring your own. Non slip socks are highly recommended.

Are you open school holidays?

Yes, please call ahead for casual visits. We always have special offers during the holidays.


Do you have evening functions?

Yes, we are the perfect location for after hours parties.


Am I able to check out the site before the party?

Yes, come and have a look over a weekend. Please check when we are there before arriving - call 0413 772 771.

Do you supply staff to assist with supervision?

Yes, we have staff on site to set up and clean up the party, as well as to assist with supervising the children. Parental Supervision is strictly required at all times, and this is part of the terms and conditions of the booking.


Do we need to clean up after our party?

At Cool Cats we do the clean up for you. You are just required to take what ever you want to keep home with you.


Can we take the Cool Cats balloons home with us?

The Cool Cats balloon display is required to remain on the table for our next Cool Cats function.

What are the party packages?

The packages are set out on the website under the Types of Parties page.

Do you cater to specific dietary requirements?

We do not specifically provide this, but can assist with the pizzas ordered. You are welcome to self cater the party in order to provide food for specific dietary requirements.

Can we mix and match food items?

We only have one food package option. You can always bring extra, but this will not reduce the price if you take the catered option.

Can we bring our own room decorations?

Yes, as long as you clean up and discard these decorations appropriately at the end of the party. No scatter decor, confetti or glitter allowed.

Can we bring a pinata?

Unfortunately Pinatas are not allowed at Cool Cats.

Can we smoke or bring alcohol to our Cool Cats party?

There is no alcohol or smoking allowed at Cool Cats.


How many parties are run in the same time slot?

We have a maximum of 2 parties at any one time slot, and try to keep the age groups similar.

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