Tattoo Bar

  • $85

  • A favourite for kids of all ages.

  • Fun temporary tattoos, applied by one of our friendly Cool Cat's               staff members. 

  • Large assortment of designs available.

Tea & Coffee for the Adults

  • $70

  • Our Tea & Coffee extra includes:

    • A selection of English Breakfast and Herbal Teas.

    • An assortment of Nespresso capsules (maximum of 30 capsules).

    • An easy to use Professional Nespresso machine and milk frother.

    • Sugar, sweetener and milk.

  • All set up and ready for your grateful guests to use.


Party Favour Bags

  • $4 each

  • We have great party favour bags to please children of any ages.

  • Each bag consists of two toys such as:

    • a light up necklace

    • a container of slime

    • toilet putty

    • funky erasers

    • temporary tattoo

    • a splat ball

  • And of course we fill them up with popular lollies. 

  • We can also make the bags lolly free, Kosher or a healthy option at your request (might incur an additional cost). 

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